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Why choose us

RG Hospitality Management aims to always deliver on the client's premises with open communication and specific tools. Setting clear expectations is imperative in order to maximize the collaboration and giving you the ROI.

Our savoir-faire

We have set our own standards for how we work and set up each project or course/training for so that we can ensure to make it a consistent success. Throughout the years, we have accumulated and developed the following expertise which we take great pride in. 

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Hotel Operations

Operations and service lies in the heart of what we do because it is so for our clients. Coming from operations, we know how important it is to understand it in order to develop it. And we have to be aware of limitations. 

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Luxury Industry

The luxury industry requires a different approach and understanding the psychology behind it. We have both first-hand experience and theoretical knowledge which gives us a unique upperhand.


Quality Assurance

All businesses regardless of its product category, offerings and structure requires a systematic way of assuring quality. This includes through total service, but also from a management point of view. 

Urban Planning

Planning & Projects

We have extensive experience in planning and executing projects on different scales. But the essence remains the same: a meticulous schedule and a feasible action plan with a critical eye on how to adopt unexpected changes during the process.

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Revenue Optimization

It's imperative to have a profitable bottom line as well as ensuring the top line is producing to its potential. This requires a stern eye on the commercial collaboration, and our expertise is mainly within Revenue Strategy & Management. 

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Walk the talk and be transparent. This is vital in order to drive the team forward. We have been leading several teams of differents sizes and we have a signature that ensures positive change. 

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