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RG Hospitality Management was founded by Andrès Reyes Gjerme with the mission to create excellence for the clients and take part in shaping the industry. This does not limit to one industry, the mentality of hospitality and our domain can be applied to all industries. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique strategies as well as operational execution. Are you ready to set your brand or business on the path to success?



We have great passion for what we do and for our clients.


We accommodate sought-after expertise from us or through our network.


We offer bespoke service adapted to you and your needs.


We strive to deliver high quality in all stages and be professional.


A passion for hospitality

Andrès Reyes Gjerme has been dedicated to tourism since he was 16 years old. Ever since he was little, he’s been fascinated by hotels which also mirrors his Norwegian and Chilean heritage that fuels his passion for global diversity and cultural exchanges.

His experience derives most notably from independent luxury hotels and international chains in Europe. Some of them are LHW member hotels Britannia Hotel in Trondheim and Hotel Continental in Oslo, Club Med in Greece and Portugal, First Hotels and Radisson Hotel Group. He has also worked as a consultant for independent hotels in France for Sweet & Suite.


Andrès holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel & Tourism Management from CMH – l´École de Management Hotelier International de Luxe in Paris with specialization in the luxury industry and in branding strategies. 


For Andrès, the most important aspects of his work are communication, culture and the people who drive the work forward through being structured, with a focus on the goal and an eye for detail. The leadership style is "Servant Leadership" and transformational leadership. He speaks five languages and now learning his sixth.


Other involvements include member of the examination board for tourism apprentices in Oslo Municipality, Chair of the Rising Leaders Council for HSMAI Europe, LHW Technology Advisory Committee, member of AICR International and SIKT alumni by H. R. H. the Crown Prince of Norway. He made top 3 in E24 "Leadership Talent of the Year" in 2022 across all industries in Norway, and has been a guest speaker at NHO's annual conference in 2023 (The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises) and podcasts. What drives him further is passion for guests and colleagues, and how together we can build each other up and the industry.  


In order to stay relevant and competitive, RG Hospitality Management stays current with trends and changes in the market and in the hospitality industry. We have established a rigorous set of criteria for our partners, that aligns with our high standards and ensures true value for you. A win-win-win. Certain projects will require a third party provider/partner, either in a particular profession or industry such as technology.

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Each business requires the right digital landscape and set of ecosystem that will enable efficiency and automation. We will pair with the right partners based on your needs and the business' abilities.


A business requires well-planned sales, marketing and revenue efforts that unifies in commercial excellence. We have partners who provide in-depth sales and marketing knowledge that is in synergy with our general commercial mindset and specialisation in revenue strategy.


We can connect you with the right partners for a wide array of services beyond our fields of expertise. This includes for instants interior design, construction, investments and feasbility studies.

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