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RG Hospitality Management opens office in London

6 Dec 2023

Aiming to provide excellence in the UK

On the 1st of December 2023, RG Hospitality Management opened its new branch in London."Our key market is the European market, and we are enhacning our presence in the United Kingdom. The country, like many other places, is facing challenges, so our aim is to be more present to showcase our services in order to meet the demand and follow through on our vision to create excellence" says Managing Director, Andrès Reyes Gjerme.

The firm wil aim to work hand-in-hand with hoteliers and other customer-centrice business where they can offer support either strategically, operational or with consultant projects. Some examples are tech stack audit, training team members in service, setting a task force for a project or interim service.

London offers a great selection of businesses, a central hub for industry events and innovation. The firm is ready to take on the market together with its network and preferred partners ensuring a "one stop" destination for its clients.

The new address is:

RG Hosptiality Management

52 Grosvenor Gardens

SQUA1 0AU London

United Kingdom

+44 20782 45240

About RG Hospitality Management:

RG Hospitality Management was founded with the mission to create excellence for the clients and take part in shaping the industry. We provide both strategic guidance and operational execution which aims to deliver business excellence for all your stakeholders. With our dynamic business model, we can offer bespoke solutions depending on your objectives, organization and resources that aligns with our savoir-faire. Together we set the perfect framework wherever you are based. Even though we specialize in hotel and tourism, we are able to provide the same quality to other customer-centric businesses such as retail and banking.

For more information:

Andrès Reyes Gjerme

Managing Director

RG Hospitality Management

+47 978 11 364


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