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Paris Food Hotel Tech 2024 exhibition unveils the latest trends in the industry

18 Apr 2024

From robot waiters to seamless guest experiences, here are some insights.

We experienced some of the latest trends and innovations in the hospitality industry and we also participated in several enlightening discussions from how to becoming a "must" with focus on guest experience and how to attract and retain talent. Food Hotel Tech brings hoteliers, chefs, restaurateurs and tech enthusiasts together to delve into the intersection of food, hospitality, and technology. As the industry evolves, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success.

One of the most eye opening was the way to use Snapchat in a luxury marketing setting. Seeing the example from a château in France was enlightening and inspiring. It was done in a way that was far from the typical Snapchat "dog-filter". The way they showed the behind the scenes from how they set the tables to decorating the ball room and some of the dishes was innovative and creative, and seems to create a more engaging brand experience in your own home.

One of the panel discussion was with the topic "Becoming a must: how customer experience makes the difference in the hotel industry". A great point was to start with the concept and the continued importance in building spaces above only a bed which is something more and more hotels are doing. Art, design ad how we use the spaces are vital and becomes more and more part of a hotel's DNA and value proposition.

This is something TRIBE Hotels is doing. For them, the arrival process does not have to start at the Front Desk, it can also start in the bar with a drink, especially with cloud based systems where you do not need to check in. Or anywhere else where you want the experience to start. This is also something that can create a great connection with the host(ess) that check you in.

Technology continues to revolutionize the guest experience, allowing hoteliers to personalize services and offerings like never before. From AI-driven chatbots that handle guest inquiries to personalized room amenities based on guest preferences, technology is enabling hotels to create tailored experiences that enhance guest satisfaction.

Infrastructure is as we know critical and should be and integral part of the guest experience. It's easier said than done, so a proper mapping of the needs is critical. It is a simple as to making sure your network coveras all areas of the hotel that is stabile and enables to drive these seamless guest experiences.

It's always a pleasure connecting with fellow industry professionals and explore opportunities to collaborate and drive a positive change. And we are amused over the robots that drive around the venue with beverages and snacks! We've seen this feature in the last few shows now around Europe.

Curious to hear from on our takeways from the event? Feel free to reach out on or by contacting our Oslo or London office by phone.

One of the stars in the French capital.

While visiting Paris, we had the pleasure to dine at the relatively new one Michelin starred restaurant, SHPÈRE. Located in a well designed space in the 8th arrondissement.

We had the 4 steps from the Carte Blanche Menu which was an exquisite food experience pared with wine. Chef Tetsuya Yoshida and his team contributes nicely to the Parisian gastronomy and the hospitality was equally top-notch. Highly recommended!

Written by Nadia Elise Khamis - Commercial Manager, RG Hospitality Management.

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