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NHO Årskonferanse - How to lead through a crisis

16 Jan 2023

What to learn from the past and how to prepare for the future? From the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises annual conference in 2023.

Managing director Andrès Reyes Gjerme was interviewed by Torbjørn Røe Isaksen at The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises annual conference (NHO) in 2023.

Being the 3rd runner up in the E24 Leadership Talent 2022 and leading two of Norway´s most prestige hotels through a pandemic, Andrès shares some insight on how to lead through crises on the main stage.

How do you plan for the unplanned, readjust accordingly and still stay true to your business core values? This is just one of many expertises we hold at RG Hospitality Management.

See the full interview below. (Interview in Norwegian). Key summaries in English:

What I learned from the pandemic? Plan for the unexpected! We have been driven by crisis and uncertainty, and you cannot have a normal structure. It’s also about mentally readjusting for this, while at the same time looking ahead and daring to try out new concepts. Nevertheless it’s important to stay true to the core product and vision, while looking after the staff, the guests, and always ensure quality. The time post-pandemic is about how we deliver daily operations in a new everyday life and not being in a crisis mode. And we must keep in mind that there will always be a disturbance or a major event happening in a global world.

How can you as a leader be better prepared for the next crisis?

Companies should implement several plan B and C, as some industries have done. What happens if a war breaks out in our local area, how do we as a company handle this? Also on a smaller scale, how do we adapt our sales and marketing strategy when we see that we are not reaching the target based on these scenarios which we can implement straight away? You will build better necessary competence and a stronger position from the start, but it requires preparation and the allocation of time and resources. Life-long learning, innovation and sustainability are also essential.

Written by Nadia Elise Khamis - Commercial Manager, RG Hospitality Management.

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