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How to deliver exceptional service - Nordic Hotels & Resorts Sales Summit

19 Feb 2024

Andrès had the pleasure of being the external and final speaker at Yasuragi Spa Resort outside of Stockholm.

He got to speak about something he loves and is most passionate about: hospitality and delivering exceptional service. This was for the Nordic Hotels & Resorts annual and internal Sales Summit where they invite professionals from their commercial teams across their portfolio for a couple of engaging days.

Some of his talking points:

- what kind of business we are in 

- how we can work across departments both operational and commercially

- how we should address service recovery as sales professionals 

- how each can take the lead of contributing to business synergy

The purpose was to align business objectives with how we work, understanding the complexity and the beauty of working in hospitality, and how we are each responsible for taking the lead in driving a hotel forward regardless of your position. With the guests in mind of course.

Interested to learn more or to hire someone as a guest speaker? You are most welcome to reach out to or +47 978 11 364.

Photo credit: Yasuragi Spa Resort

Written by Nadia Elise Khamis - Commercial Manager, RG Hospitality Management.

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