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Our first year in review

24 Jun 2024

After closing our first year in business, Andrès summarizes some key achievements and learnings looking back and what some objectives will be moving forward.

One year in business - time flies! It has been a hectic and special year for me both profesinally and personally. I have wanted to start my own management & consulting firm since my studies in Paris and did not think I would start so soon as as did. But it was the right move for me, albeit a daunting period. Fearing the unknown and all that is to come.

Fear is a strong motivator - but also a scary one. After countless years, I have learned that I cannot drive myself sustainably by fear. It has to be by positive intent. And this has been a critical factor for me this year in additional to have an exceptional network of people that I can trust and to be inspired by. We all have to motivate and to bring out the best out in people. Especially now when we are facing so many challenges including having enough skilled and engaged people in our industry.

It has been an exciting year filled with memories and value, but also challenges. It is not easy to manage the portfolio and your own firm, and to make sure your employees are happy and also meeting the requirements to the owners, leaders and the guests. And to manage yourself. This has been the hardest for me, to hold my self accountable and strucutre everything differently than before.

But looking back, RG Hospitality Management has managed to:

  • Become a new industry "shaker" and cater to a need that has been severely impacted

  • Opened office in London

  • Interacting/stayed at over 13 diffeent luxury hotels in Europe, honing our expertise in the field

  • Guest speaker, including for Lighthouse, HSMAI Europe and Nordic Hotels & Resorts

  • Booked our slot as an exhibitor at the coveted Independent Hotel Show in October 2024

  • Andrès became 40 under 40 Europe leader by Business Elite awards

  • Attended over 20 shows and events across Europe

  • Signed several clients including two full-time Management Contracts as a GM

  • Provided consultancy for two hotel openings in Scandinavia

  • Executed as a pre-opening manager for a high-end residence hotel

  • Signed over 10 preferred partners, including Mews and Loopon

  • Hosted our first hotelier event together with Profitroom

  • 9,5% profit of the company in 2023 (6 months)

This is the best industry to work for and where I thrive. Where I meet the most amazing people and learn something new. And I cannot wait to see what people in the industry does next.

What's ahead? It is still our mission to create excellence and to take part in shaping the industry. That is our promise. We will continue to expand our presence. ESG, more notably the social aspect, is an integral part of us. We have combined this with our general business objectives.

Some objectives for the upcoming year to focus on in addition to what we are doing:

  • Diversifying and defining even more our products and services in different business areas

  • Launching our "Diversity & Inclusion Hour": creating a new arena for minorities for and by them. It will include ethnic, LGTBQIA+ and women in business.

  • Launching our mentorship program: aiding upcoming and/or aspiring leaders regardless of age, profession and their current work status.A housekeeper, 50 years old, 20 years old or a FOM, it does not matter. We will make a roadmap with specific tools to get you where you want to be.

  • Creating more hotelier events with true value that you can implement straight away

  • Bridging the gap between technology and actual use of it (let's be honest)

  • Conducting courses in the fields of leadership, luxury and overal operations performance

  • Donate 1% of our profit to a charity organixation (first one is Red Cross/Moon)

Thinking back, I was so focused on having everything ready, but as an entrepreneur you have to move with the motions and adjust a long the way, as you do in life. What have been some of your challenges that you have failed at or overcomed? I would love to hear about it!

Reach out to me directly at or +47 978 11 364 to have a chat about anything hoteliers related, regardless of where and what you do. My door is open.

Cheers to the next year and thank you for your much appreciated support. And I wish you a most wonderful summer ahead,


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